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Season 2 Episode 2 of On The Hook with Matt Wilson is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google, Amazon, Tunein, and other podcast platforms. 

My guest is Stuart Malina. 

My cast mates remember Stuart as the Music Director of Movin’ Out. As an award-winning director, conductor, and concert pianist, Stuart has achieved master performer status. I’m proud to call Stuart my friend and one who has had a lasting influence on my life and career. 

In this episode, Stuart and I cover many topics, including

- his role in creating Movin’ Out and a reflection on the show 20 years later,
- multiple strategies for masterful performance,
- utilizing and discerning opinions, 
- and maintaining a balanced perspective professionally and personally.

Stuart’s Movin’ Out stories are riveting and bring back many great memories. I’m sure you will enjoy listing to a behind-the-scenes recollection.  

Thanks, Stuart, for sharing your memories, expertise, and insight. Thank y’all for listening.