Hooks: Lessons on Performance, Business, and Life from a Working Musician


"Matt Wilson’s transcription of his take on life after 30 years in the music business is both a handbook of really useful advice for anyone in any business as well as a real life profile of what a successful working entertainer looks like."

Micheal Mordecai - BBA Mangament and Booking

"After reading this book, I know this will help so many musicians find their way. Matt has compiled years of knowledge, wisdom, and experience so well that you just can't help but listen to what he has to say."

Kevin Flatt - Professional Musican 

"Matt Wilson’s book, Hooks, is a honest self-reflection of practical lessons learned in life through the eyes of a professional musical artist. Each “hook” shares simple recommendations that can be applied personally and professionally when it comes to valuing relationships, maintaining a healthy perspective, preparing for success on life’s stage, performance under pressure, and pursuing your purpose to name a few topics. Matt’s personal stories as a professional musician connect to each “hook” and challenge the reader to reflect on their own personal growth journey. If you want to read a book that encourages you to grow a little more each day, I recommend Hooks."

Brent Wilson, Ed.D, Superintendent - Life School

"Had I known something this exciting was on the way, I would have learned to read!"

David Messier, Songwriter/Producer - SameSky Productions

"My first successful piano partner at Walt Disney World and Broadway’s Movin’ Out alumni has written a book about the biz. Matt and I set the stage and standard for what would be a successful 24 year run at Disney. I got a sneak preview of the book a few months back (because I’m also in the biz). Great insight into our world and solid life advice from one of the most talented, kind, and funny people I know. So proud of my good friend, Matt Wilson the First"

Ray Mcgee - Professional Musician

"Step right up for ‘W. O. W.’ (words of wisdom), hot off the press from Matt Wilson; arranger, author, business man, composer, family man, humorist, manager, mentor, musician, philosopher, piano man and rock star.  So, why purchase shelves of resource books, when all you need to succeed is found within these invaluable pages?  First, read this entire book for motivation, then select an appropriate ‘hook’ for your particular area of expertise.  Tape the message to your fridge as an inspirational reminder of how best to do what you want to do with what God gives you – you know, like Matt does."  

Betsy Henderson - Teacher/Administrator 

"This is a great read. Matt is foucsed on self-respect, best practices, courage, building capacity to accept criticism, thinking clearly, intelligent risk-taking, and loving the life you have been given. Good practical support for musicians, managers, venue folks, and anyone who wants to do what they do a little more intentonally. Enjoy."

Merrill Wade - Minister/Rector